About LDA of Texas

The Learning Disabilities Association of Texas (LDA TX) is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to advancing the education and general welfare of persons with learning disabilities. LDA TX was chartered in 1963 to stimulate public and private action to meet the needs of these individuals. LDA TX is affiliated with the national Learning Disabilities Association of America and local affiliates across the State of Texas. Membership includes persons with learning disabilities, their families, and professionals in the fields of medicine, education and the social sciences concerned with the problems of those with learning disabilities.

The organization publishes a newsletter and maintains a statewide computer database of more than 300 professional service providers, including psychologists, physicians, tutors, and schools. Contact us to receive information on resources in your area. If you are a service provider or you know of one who would like to be included in this database, contact LDA TX .

LDA TX does not endorse or recommend any person, publication, method, therapy, institution, product or treatment. It does, however, present without partiality many ways to assist those with learning disabilities in reaching their full potential.

LDA TX Local Affiliates

Texas is a big state and LDA TX is committed to helping our community find the resources they need locally throughout the state. Please contact LDA TX for information about the affiliate or contact person in your area.

No local affiliate or contact for your area? LDA TX encourages and supports the formation of local groups and provides two options: If you are interested in starting a local group in your area, read our brochure, “How to Start a Local Support Group.”

LDA TX Goals

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