Introducing our new LDA Texas Healthy Children’s Project Outreach Coordinator!

Pam Smith is the new LDA Texas Outreach Coordinator for the Healthy Children’s Project (HCP), an entity of the Learning Disabilities Association, designed to help get toxic chemicals out of our environment. Every day children in our country are being exposed to chemicals that have been linked to cancer, ADHD, and other learning differences. Presently the Learning Disabilities Association is participating in a National Day of Action, asking Dollar Tree stores to work with their suppliers to get toxic chemicals like phthalates and lead out of their products. Watch Tracy Gregorie, Healthy Children’s Project Staff Affiliate Coordinator, in her video summarizing the effort that is so important to the health and welfare of our children.  

Through testing HCP has documentation that earrings contain lead and table cloths had lead as well. Silly straws were found to be full off  toxic chemicals as well.  We are proud to be aligned with Campaign for Healthier Solutions.  We have been trying to meet with Dollar Tree to enact a protocol for their partners to use only safer chemicals in their items sold.

Won’t you join us?    Contact me at if you feel a passion for helping to reduce the incidence of learning disabilities in our children.

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Same Name, New Leadership!

LDA of Texas has changed leadership in 2017. We are so appreciative for those who came before us—LaNelle Gallagher, Jean Keuker, JoEllen Barnard and Steve Erwin who kept this organization running for many years. And over the years LDA of Texas has hosted many great conferences, sent out informative newsletters and answered many desperate phone calls to serve the Texas learning disability community-parents, educators, adults with LD and professionals! With the new leadership, we hope to continue their legacy and offer support in as many ways as possible. LDA of Texas is an all volunteer organization so be patient with us as we navigate and spread our wings to reach as much of this great state of Texas as possible.

If you would like to jump on board and become more active with LDA of Texas we would love to have you! Please contact us at Let us know of your interest and expertise and we will plug you in.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller